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Chapter 2 - Neuroscience, Genetics, & Behavior Reading Questions 1. Describe the ill-fated phrenology theory’s contribution to the study of the brain’s functions. 2. Describe the parts of a neuron, and explain how its impulses are generated. 3. Describe how nerve cells communicate. 4. Explain how neurotransmitters affect behavior, and outline the effects of acetylcholine and the endorphins. 5. Explain how drugs and other chemicals affect neurotransmission, and describe the contrasting effects of agonists and antagonists. 6. Describe the nervous system’s two major divisions, and identify the three types of neurons that transmit information through the system. 7. Describe the nature and functions of the endocrine system and its interaction with
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Unformatted text preview: the nervous system. 8. Describe several techniques for studying the brain. 9. Describe the components of the brainstem, and summarize the functions of the brainstem, thalamus, and cerebellum. 10. Describe the structures and functions of the limbic system, and explain how one of these structures controls the pituitary gland. 11. Define cerebral cortex, and explain its importance in the human brain. 12. Identify and explain the functions of the four lobes of the cerebral cortex. 13. Describe the five brain areas that would be involved if you read this sentence aloud. 14. Discuss the brain’s plasticity following injury or illness. 15. Describe split-brain research, and explain how it helps us understand the functions of our left and right hemispheres....
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