APmemoryvocab - the persistence of learning over time...

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memory flashbulb memory encoding the retention of encoded information over time storage retrieval sensory memory short-term memory working memory short-term memory long-term memory unconscious encoding of incidental information automatic processing automatic processing effortful processing rehearsal spacing effect serial position effect the encoding of picture images visual encoding the persistence of learning over time through the  storage and retrieval of information. a clear memory of an emotionally significant  moment or event the processing of information into the memory  system the process of getting information out of memory  storage the immediate, initial recording of sensory  information in the memory system activated memory that holds a few items briefly  before the information is stored or forgotten the relatively permanent and limitless storehouse  of the memory system encoding of space, time, frequency, and well- learned information, such as word meanings
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APmemoryvocab - the persistence of learning over time...

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