LearningVocab - Learning Chapter 8 Voab a relatively...

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Learning Chapter 8 Voab learning learning that certain events occur together associative learning associative learning operant conditioning behaviorism behaviorism unconditioned response salivation when food is in the mouth unconditioned response conditioned response conditioned stimulus acquisition acquisition acquisition the diminishing of a conditioned response extinction extinction extinction spontaneous recovery a relatively permanent change in an organism's  behavior due to experience events may be two stimuli or a response and its  consequences a type of learning in which an organism comes to  associate stimuli classical/Pavlovian  conditioning a neutral stimulus that signals an unconditioned  stimulus (UCS) begins to produce a response that  anticipates and prepares for the unconditioned  stimulus classical/Pavlovian  conditioning a type of learning in which behavior is strengthened if  followed by reinforcement or diminished if followed by  punishment the view that psychology should be an objective  science studies behavior without reference to mental  processes in classical conditioning, the unlearned, naturally  occurring response to the unconditioned stimulus in classical conditioning, the learned response to a  previously neutral conditioned stimulus in classical conditioning, an originally neutral stimulus 
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LearningVocab - Learning Chapter 8 Voab a relatively...

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