PerspectivesPPTSlides - Psychology’s Current Perspectives...

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Unformatted text preview: Psychology’s Current Perspectives Perspective Neuroscience Sample Questions How the body and brain enables emotions. How are messages transmitted in the body? How is blood chemistry linked with moods and motives? How does evolution influence behavior tendencies? How the natural selection of traits the promotes the perpetuation of one’s genes Evolutionary Behavior How much our genes and To what extent are genetics our environments psychological traits such as influence our individual intelligence, personality, differences. sexual orientation, and vulnerability to depression attributable to our genes? To our environment? 19 Psychology’s Current Perspectives Perspective Psychodynamic Sample Questions How can someone’s personality traits and disorders be explained in terms of sexual and aggressive drives or as disguised effects of unfulfilled wishes and childhood traumas? How do we learn to fear particular objects or situations? What is the most effective way to alter our behavior, say lose weight or quit smoking? How behavior springs from unconscious drives and conflicts. Behavioral How we learn observable responses. 20 Psychology 7e in Modules Psychology’s Current Perspectives Sampie Questions How do we use information in remembering? Reasoning? Problem solving? Perspective How we encode. process, store and retrieve information. Cognitive How are we «- as Africans, Asians. Australian or North American — alike as members of human family? As products of different environmental contexts, how do we differ? How behavior and thinking vary across situations and cultures. Social-cultural 21 Psychology 7e in Modules ...
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PerspectivesPPTSlides - Psychology’s Current Perspectives...

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