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Water and the West Name _____________________ Water Quality Simulation Laboratory Period_____ LEARNING TARGET: I can evaluate and interpret indicators of water quality. BACKGROUND KNOWLEDGE: What determines water quality? In the last few weeks of our investigation we made some inferences as to what determines quality water. Some of these included quality water being drinkable, clear, and colorless (remember all of the jars?). As scientists, water quality is typically measured using several important chemical and biological indicators . An indicator is a measurement that describes the quality of something- and in this case, water. There are five main water quality indicators that we will discuss in this laboratory; phosphate/nitrate levels, pH, Dissolved Oxygen (DO), Temperature, and biological indicators. During the next week or two you will be learning about what each of these are and how changes in these indicators affect living and non-living factors in an aquatic ecosystem. During this laboratory, you will be running a simulation to determine how polluted run-off might affect moving water (such as a river) and non-moving water (such as a reservoir). This will help provide further scientific data for you as we work towards our Glade Reservoir Forum on Friday February 5 th , 2009. In addition, you will also be writing a formal laboratory
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WaterQualitySimulationLab - Water and the West Water...

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