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Assessment Review Sheet - Ever-Changing Earth Final...

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Ever-Changing Earth Final Assessment Review Sheet Name ______________________ Congratulations! You have almost made it to the end of our Ever-Changing Earth Unit. In order to assess what you know and are able to do, we are going to have an assessment (like a test, but harder ). The assessment will include multiple choice, true/false, short answer (rock identification), brief essay questions, and a take home portion of the test. You will be having your assessment on Wednesday April 28 th (GREEN)/ Thursday April 29 th (YELLOW). To prepare for the assessment, you will be creating flashcards to study with before the test. You will also be given the essay questions for the test in advance so you can prepare your responses. Today in class you will have a full review day to prepare and study for your assessment. To fully prepare you should study at least 30 minutes a night by using flash cards, studying old quizzes, and going over notes. If you show that you have made and studied with your note cards and done some preparation for your essay questions, you will receive 20 extra points towards your assessment. This sheet is intended on being used as a
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Assessment Review Sheet - Ever-Changing Earth Final...

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