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Build a Boat Reflection 1

Build a Boat Reflection 1 - the buoyant force of the boat 2...

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Digging In: Build a Boat Challenge Reflection Questions You are going to get another chance to design a boat. You will use the same materials. Think about how your group could design your next boat to better meet the challenge by considering what you now know about gravity, density, and buoyant force. Answering the following questions should help. 1) Think about some of the boat designs that held the most keys. What decisions did the students who designed the boats make that improved
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Unformatted text preview: the buoyant force of the boat? 2) Did your boat float? If it did not float. Why do you think it sank? Discuss buoyant force and density in your answer. 3) How could you make the boat better able to to stay afloat? Remember that you have to float six keys. Use what you have learned about gravity, buoyant force, and density to answer this. Also, take advantage of what you can learn from other group’s designs....
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