ErosionChallengeUpdate - solution letter and updated rubric...

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Digging In ` Name _______________ Lincoln School Grounds Erosion Challenge Period _____ Criteria and Constraints Update IMPORTANT UPDATES FOR YOUR EROSION CHALLENGE PROJECT PLEASE READ CAREFULLY!!! Due to last week’s snow days your presentations will no longer be required from your workstation team. However, you still will be required to build a model of your erosion site with your solution and run a simulation to collect data as a team. You will also INDIVIDUALLY WRITE A LETTER OUTLINING YOUR SUGGESTIONS FOR EROSION CONTROL. Towards the end of the week you will be introduced to the format for the letter and have time in the computer lab to type your letter. Your letter must be typed on the computer. The model of your
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Unformatted text preview: solution letter and updated rubric is attached to this sheet if you wish to get an early start. The due date for the project is still November 11 th /12 th . If you are leaving for Nicaragua, please make sure to turn in your work early. Because this is considered an assessment it will be worth 65% of your grade. If you need additional copies of models of the letter, task descriptions, or photos of your erosion sites please see Mrs. Bayers website at: BELOW TAKE SOME TIME TO WRITE DOWN THE UPDATED CRITERIA AND CONSTRAINTS for the challenge: Updated Criteria Updated Constraints...
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ErosionChallengeUpdate - solution letter and updated rubric...

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