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Colorado Underfoot Name _____________________ Pre-Assessment MULTIPLE CHOICE 1-20 Choose the best answer for each question. Circle the correct answer for each question. 1) How old is the earth? a. 3 million years old b. 1 billion (100 million) years old c. 4.5 billion (450 million) years old d. 100 billion years old 2) During which era did the dinosaurs live? a. Mezozoic b. Paleozoic c. Cenozoic d. Pre-Cambrian 3) Determine the current geologic time a. Mezosoic, Jurassic, Pleistocene b. February 8/9 th , 2009 c. Cenezoic, Quaternary, Anthropocene d. Paleozoic Devonian Wenlock 4) Which of the following divides a Geologic Period into smaller parts of time? a. Era b. Epoch c. Eon d. Age 5) Which of the following is the reason scientists change geologic time? a. Sharp changes in the geologic and fossil record and chemical changes in the rocks b. Climate change c. Plates dramatically move on earth d. Alfred Wegener said so
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6) Which of the following represents how a geologic change (abiotic) impacted life on earth (biotic)? a. Extinction of large mammals at Ashfall Fossil Beds due to a Super Volcano Eruption b. Plants photosynthesizing and creating an oxygen rich atmosphere c. Humans paving parking lots full of cement and covering up grassland d. An oxygen rich atmosphere from plants allowing larger species such as dinosaurs to thrive 7) The ________________ is the layer of the earth we live on. a. Lithosphere
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Ever Changing Earth PreAssessment - Colorado Underfoot _...

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