Ever-Changing Earth Pre-Assessment Rubric

Ever-Changing Earth Pre-Assessment Rubric - Ever-Changing...

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Ever-Changing Earth: Colorado Underfoot Name ____________________ Pre-Assessment Rubric DIRECTIONS: 1) Using your corrected Pre-Assessment, check the correct/incorrect box that is aligned to each learning target. 2) After you are finished, answer the questions on the Pre-Assessment Reflection Sheet (this is attached) COMPLETING THIS PRE-ASSESSMENT WILL BE WORTH 30 POINTS AND BE COUNTED AS AN ASSESSMENT (65% of Grade) FOR YOUR GRADE. MAIN LEARNING TARGET SUB-LEARNING TARGET QUESTIO N CORREC T INCORRE CT Learning Target #1: I can evaluate and describe geologic time I can model my understanding of geologic time 1 2 I can describe and divide earth’s history into eras, periods, epochs 3 4 I can describe how abitoic changes and biotic interact to change the geology of earth 5 6 Learning Target #2: I can describe how natural and man made processes shape the earth I can model and describe the structure of earth 7 8 I can diagram, describe, and model plate tectonics 9 10 11 12 I can describe and diagram the rock cycle. 13
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Ever-Changing Earth Pre-Assessment Rubric - Ever-Changing...

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