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NAME ___________________________ DATE_________________ Living Together Pre-Assessment Answer Sheet Test # ______ Use this answer sheet to record all of your answers. GOOD LUCK! MULTIPLE CHOICE ANSWER KEY 1) B 11) B 2) C 12) D 3) D 13) C 4) A or D 14) SKIP 5) C 15) B 6) A 16) B 7) B 17) A 8) B 18) B 9) D 19)
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Unformatted text preview: A 10) B 20) B SHORT ANSWER: ANSWER KEY 21) LYNX 22) HARE 23) THEY REPRODUCE FASTER OR HAVE BIGGER LITTERS 24) Yes, Populations cycle naturally 25) Abiotic : climate/ temperature and water Biotic : increased predator activity and diesese OVER FOR ESSAY ANSWER SHEET...
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