Geologic Ticker Tape Final

Geologic Ticker Tape Final - Name _ Ever-Changing Earth...

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Name __________________ Ever-Changing Earth Geologic Ticker Tape Timeline LEARNING TARGETS: I can evaluate and describe geologic time THIS MEANS: I can model my understanding of geologic time I can describe and divide earth’s history into eras, periods, epochs OVERVIEW: The earth is old, REALLY old. During this activity you will create a timeline that outlines important events in earth’s geologic history. In addition to gaining perspective on the age of the planet, you will also master creating a scale and mapping events. You will use this timeline to enter other important geologic events throughout the unit. You will piece of a roll cash register tape. With this tape you will be creating a timeline of important geologic events and scaling them to fit the actually amount of time. On the tape 1 millimeter will equal 1 million years . DIRECTIONS: 1) Measure out each date on the time lines and write in the correct date. Use pencil in case you need to make corrections. IMPORTANT GEOLOGIC DATE MILLIONS OF YEARS AGO SCALE MEASUREMEN T 1mm = 1 million Years The Present/ Modern Civilization 0 0 Ice Ages Began 1,000,000 million 1mm Earliest Human 1,600,000 million 1.6 cm The Rockies Explode! Huge Volcanic Eruptions in the Rockies 37,000,000 million 3.7 cm Front Range is Rainforest 64,000,000 million 6.4 cm First Mammals 65,000,000 million 6.5 cm Dinosaurs go extinct due to a large meteor hitting earth 65,000,000 million 6.5 cm Current Rocky Mountains are formed 6,600,000 million 6.6 cm Eastern Colorado is an Inland Sea 70,000,000 million 7.0 cm First Birds… much of Colorado is a Meadow 150,000,000 million 15 cm Dinosaurs Dominate Land. All continents are one continent called Pangea 200,000,000 million 20 cm First Reptiles…much of Colorado is a
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Geologic Ticker Tape Final - Name _ Ever-Changing Earth...

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