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Lincoln IB World School  Glade Reservoir Conversation Cafe Friday February 5th, 2010 9:00am-10:30am PURPOSE: On Friday February 5 th you and community members (farmers, scientists, parents, business owners, environmentalists, college students, etc) will participate in a performance assessment by hosting a public dialogue to discuss the issue of the proposed building Glade Reservoir north of Fort Collins. As part of your in-depth study of water quality and ecosystems, you have been asking questions, making predictions, conducting research, listening to speakers, and drawing conclusions about whether the proposed Glade Reservoir will benefit our community. You have examined an overview of the issue, looked at where our water comes from, where our water goes, and looked at water quality and how it impacts ecosystems. Through investigating the possible benefits and impacts building this reservoir we have discovered controversy and created a need for discourse. By participating and hosting our Conversation Café at CSU on February 5
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GladeReservoirConversationCafe - Lincoln IB World School...

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