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LincolnErosionChallenge2Final - October 5th 2009 Dear 8th...

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October 5 th , 2009 Dear 8 th Grade Scientists, It has recently come to our attention that Lincoln’s School Grounds have been struggling with soil erosion. Soil Erosion often has negative effects on our surrounding environment, watershed and close by property owners of the school. We are delighted that your class has taken on the challenge of studying erosion control around the school. We will look forward to your erosion control recommendations during your group’s 8 minute presentation on November 11/12 th . You will also submit a short written letter with recommendations from your group. The area in question is the entire perimeter of the school grounds. Lincoln’s School Grounds sit on high point above the Poudre River Valley. Because the school is on a high point, sediment and other fine materials flow downhill to eventually drain into the Poudre River. Because Lincoln’s grounds are in such a large area, we ask that each group identifies a different location on the school grounds to make recommendations for erosion control in that specific area. During your presentation, we ask that present a simple model of the area you are addressing with a your proposed erosion control solution so we can see what methods may work to control erosion on the school’s grounds. We are grateful that you are able to take on this project. Good luck and let us know if you need additional information. Sincerely, Concerned Citizens of the Poudre River Valley
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Digging In ` Name _______________ Lincoln School Grounds Erosion Challenge Period _____ Final Unit Assessment Overview Learning Target: I can think as a student-scientist and use a variety of data to grow and communicate my thinking I can collaborate with other student scientists to solve big and small problems Overview: During the next month, you will be putting your new knowledge on how scientists work together to solve problems to use for your final assessment for this Unit. You will be working collaboratively as a workstation to complete the Lincoln School Grounds Erosion Challenge. In this challenge, you will be identifying, studying, and modeling a solution to erosion problems on the grounds at Lincoln Middle School. Your final assessment will be to develop a brief letter of recommendations, 8 minute presentation, and small scale model of your solution at your chosen erosion site . All of these items will be presented on November 11 th /12th to the class. You will also be asked to keep what is called a project board . This will help you keep track of your progress on this challenge and what you still need to do. It is designed to help the class organize its questions, investigations, results, and conclusions. There will be a class project board as well as a project board that you will keep track of.
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