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Living Together: Water and the West TEST # ______ Pre-Assessment MULTIPLE CHOICE Choose the BEST answer. Fill the correct letter in on the answer sheet that has been provided for you. 1. Which of the following watershed’s is Fort Collins and the Poudre River a part of? a. The Arkansas River Watershed b. The South Plate River Watershed c. The Rio Grande River Watershed d. The Colorado River Watershed 2. In which direction does water flow in a watershed ? a. Uphill b. Into the groundwater c. Downhill d. In levels out 3. What is the difference between groundwater and surface water ? a. Surface water includes water that is from rain and forms rivers and groundwater is water that moves on the surface of the earth b. Surface water is dirty and groundwater is clean c. Surface water can replenish itself and ground water cannot d. Surface water is formed by precipitation and moves on the earth’s surface and ground water is water that is absorbed by the land and moves underground 4. Study the following elevations of the Great Lakes. Based on the elevations choose the correct order for which water flows on its path to the Atlantic Ocean. Elevations of the Great Lakes
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Living_Together_PreAssessment - Living Together: Water and...

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