Unit Overview Living Together

Unit Overview Living Together - Living Together: Water and...

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Living Together: Water and the West Name ______________ Unit Overview Water is very important in your life. You drink it, you wash with it,, you use it to cook, and you use it for play and exercise. You also know that plants and animals depend on water to stay alive. If you need water, you can turn on the tap. Towns and cities in the United States have municipal water systems in place. That is where most people get their water. To make sure the quality of water you use is good, it is important to know where it comes from. In this unit, you are going to investigate how water use affects water quality by looking at the controversial proposed Glade Reservoir project. You will then look at how water quality affects the plants, animals, and humans in a community. Ecology is the study of how living (plants and animals) and non living factors interact in the environment. During this unit you will be student Ecologists that will explore whether building the proposed Glade Reservoir will benefit our community and maintain a healthy ecosystem. Throughout the unit, we you will be building our knowledge to construct a position statement and
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Unit Overview Living Together - Living Together: Water and...

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