Allium Mitosis Directions

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CLASS COPY Testing the Cell Cycle Timing Model and Determining the Duration of the Cell Cycle Phases in Allium sp. Read through the procedures before starting and construct a table for the data you will record. Objectives: Practice designing a data table. Practice making a pie chart and writing figure captions. Learn to identify interphase and the stages of mitosis. Become familiar with the Chi-square Test and how it works. Procedure: 1. Bring the meristem (actively growing tissue) region of an onion root tip into focus at 400X (white circle in the image to the right). Without informing the other partner , one of the two partners will count the number of cells in the field of view that are in each phase of the cell cycle: interphase, prophase, metaphase, anaphase, and telophase (2 nd image to the right). As you count, record the number of cells in each phase on a piece of paper. Without looking at the first partner’s results, and without moving the slide , the second partner will now count the
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