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Aquatic Macrophyte Paper RUBRIC: Typed and Double-spaced Not Proficient Score Partially Proficient Score Proficient Score Abstract and Introduct ion Completes less than three of the proficient requirements. 4 Completes four of the five tasks needed to be proficient. 6 Abstract efficiently summarizes the study and contains all basic elements of the report. Introduction 1) gives the background of the study; 2) accurately cites all four research articles that were used to develop the current study; 3) after background, focuses directly on the macrophytes ecology studied in this project 4) ends with a detailed explanation of the hypotheses being tested in the current study 8 Methods Completes the task, but with more than one omission. 4 Completes the task, but with one omission. 6 In sentence and paragraph form , and perhaps using subsections, adequately describes how the investigation was conducted and how the data were analyzed. 8
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