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Lecture 1 – Research Mechanics: Putting the Breaks on Cancer 1. What differentiates a malignant tumor from a benign tumor? Malignant tumors are invasive to the surrounding tissue. Benign Tumors are non-invasive. 2. What is metastasis? When a malignant tumor reaches a blood or lymph vessel and spreads to other parts of the body. 3. In normal adult tissue, what is the ratio of cell birth to cell death? What consequences may result from a change in this ratio? In normal tissue, the ratio of cell birth to cell death is 1. If too many cells die before they are born, it causes atrophy (shrinking), but if too many cells are born than die, it causes a tumor. 4. Summarize the idea of clonal expansion as a model for explaining cancer. How does this model support the observation that the incidence of cancer increases with age? Clonal expansion – a cell from a benign tumor can acquire another mutation which will spread when this cell divides until a one of these new cells gains another mutation and spreads, etc. Evenutally,
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