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Lecture 1 – Research Mechanics: Putting the Breaks on Cancer 1. What differentiates a malignant tumor from a benign tumor? 2. What is metastasis? 3. In normal adult tissue, what is the ratio of cell birth to cell death? What consequences may result from a change in this ratio? 4. Summarize the idea of clonal expansion as a model for explaining cancer. How does this model support the observation that the incidence of cancer increases with age? 5. In order for a type of cancer to be hereditary, it has to occur in what types of cells?
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Unformatted text preview: 6. There are three types of genes that may lead to cancer if mutated. Name each type and describe their roles in the cell. 7. Why has evolution not made DNA replication perfect? 8. What is the job of the enzyme EXO1 in DNA replication? 9. What are two things known to cause mutations in the p53 gene? 10. What are two proteins that are regulated by p53 and what are their jobs?...
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