Cancer Lecture 2 Student Questions Key

Cancer Lecture 2 Student Questions Key - Lecture 2 Chaos to...

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Unformatted text preview: Lecture 2 Chaos to Cure: Bringing Back Research to Patients 1. Genetic testing for heritable diseases may raise ethical concerns. List at least one argument for and one argument against genetic testing. There are many possible answers here, but here is an example - For: genetic testing allows people with higher risk of cancer to act early. Against: genetic testing could become a tool used to discriminate against people at higher risk for cancer (for example, insurance companies). 2. What is one non-invasive technique for early detection of colon cancer? Using stool samples to detect mutations in the cells 3. Why is cancer a disease found in people who are middle age or older? In most cancers, it takes years to accumulate the number of mutations needed to cause cancer. 4. Why are metastatic cancers often found in places like the liver and the lungs? These are places in which blood passes through from many parts of the body (blood from the gastrointestinal tract passes through the liver and blood from the breasts and bladder passes through...
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