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Cancer Lecture 2 Student Questions

Cancer Lecture 2 Student Questions - 6 Why does...

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Lecture 2 – Chaos to Cure: Bringing Back Research to Patients 1. Genetic testing for heritable diseases may raise ethical concerns. List at least one argument for and one argument against genetic testing. 2. What is one non-invasive technique for early detection of colon cancer? 3. Why is cancer a disease found in people who are middle age or older? 4. Why are metastatic cancers often found in places like the liver and the lungs? 5. What are three current treatments for cancer?
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Unformatted text preview: 6. Why does chemotherapy cause terrible side effects like nausea and hair loss? 7. How does the BCR-ABL protein cause cancer? 8. How does Gleevec prevent the BCR – ABL gene from causing cancer? 9. How is a virus used to kill cancer cells with a defective p53 gene? 10. What causes stimulation of blood vessel growth? 11. How can anaerobic bacteria be used to kill cancer cells?...
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