Cell Cycle and Cancer Computer Simulation

Cell Cycle and Cancer Computer Simulation - and try to win...

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The Cell Cycle and Cancer Objective: To give you the opportunity to front-load your brain with understanding of the general, yet critical steps of the cell cycle, while having fun. This activity is at http://nobelprize.org/medicine/educational/2001/cellcycle.html Go to the website and click ENTER on the screen. PART I: Use the arrow at the bottom right of the TV “screen” and answer questions 1 – 4. 1. How many cells are replaced in our bodies each minute? 2. What pathway does a signal go through in a cell for a cell to divide? 3. Draw the cell cycle. Be sure to label what is happening during each phase of the cell cycle. 4. What are the key molecules that control and coordinate cell division?
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PART II: Once you have answered questions 1 – 4, click the arrow one more time
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Unformatted text preview: and try to win the “game.” You win when you successfully replicate a cell. Answer questions 5 – 11 as you go. 5. List the order of stages you went through to create a new cell for the skin tissue, including the checkpoints along the way. What is checked at these checkpoints? Briefly define each stage (i.e., what does the cell do?) 6. What happens during the cell cycle when damage to the chromosomes is detected? 7. What types of errors can occur to cause mutations? What results from these mutations? 8. There are actually dozens of different Cdk and cyclin molecules that drive a cell through the cell cycle. How do the Cdk and Cyclin molecules drive the cell cycle? 9. What happens when the checkpoint molecules are not working properly?...
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Cell Cycle and Cancer Computer Simulation - and try to win...

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