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Cellular Respiration Computer Simulation

Cellular Respiration Computer Simulation -...

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Cellular (Oxidative) Respiration Computer Simulation Part I: Log on to a computer and open Internet Explorer. Go to http://vcell.ndsu.edu/animations/etc/movie-flash.htm A. Watch the three-minute animation (make it Full Screen) and listen to the narration. As you watch, diagram the Electron Transport Chain (Electron Transfer Phosphorylation) in the space below. Label all the players in the process, including all parts of the mitochondrion. Stop and/or back up the movie if you need as you go. B. When you are satisfied with your diagram and the process, exit full screen and click on ATP Synthase along the left side of the screen. Diagram the ATP Synthase process below:
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Part II: This activity is loaded on the Science Computer Lab computers. It is also available at http://www.mhhe.com/biosci/genbio/biolink/j_explorations/explorations.html Getting Started— Open the Cell Biology and Genetics icon. Wait for the program to load. Click on Menu . Click on Oxidative Respiration . The Model —You will see a diagram of a section of the
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Cellular Respiration Computer Simulation -...

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