Daily Schedule Unit 2 Principles of Ecology

Daily Schedule Unit 2 Principles of Ecology - Pre-IB...

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Pre-IB Biology Daily Schedule Unit 2: Principles of Ecology CHs 45, 46, 47, and 49 1 September – 4 October DAY PLAN HOMEWORK Block 1/2 Warm up – Define Ecosystem and list three processes that occur in most ecosystems. 1) Discuss the Unit 2 Project: Investigating the role of submerged aquatic macrophytes in a freshwater ecosystem . Research questions: Can excess phosphate be removed naturally from a freshwater ecosystem? What role do submerged aquatic macrophytes play in freshwater ecosystem food webs? 2) Walk through the design process: Research Questions Hypotheses Variables Predictions with sketches (graphs) of predicted relationships between independent and dependent variables 3) As a research team, table group members analyze one of four scientific articles and share them with the other team members. Use the information in the journal articles to begin constructing the Introduction to your scientific research paper. After this 4-week study, the final, coauthored (3-5 authors) paper is DUE Tues, October 5 th . A draft of the paper must be peer reviewed and the draft, with reviewers’ comments must be paper-clipped to the final paper. Paper Requirements: - Must follow ALL ASPECTS of the scientific writing style and include all parts of a classic scientific paper. - Must be 12-pt Times New Roman font and Double Spaced . - Use the journal articles to which you have access as your models. - Also, use the posted grading rubric to help you. Read CH 47 (exclude 47.4 and 47.8; will cover in CH 49) Prepare for a Reading Quiz on Tuesday Personal Practice: 1. Data Analysis, p. 859 2. Self Quiz, pp. 858-859 3. Critical Thinking #5, p. 859
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Daily Schedule Unit 2 Principles of Ecology - Pre-IB...

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