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CLASS COPY Ecological Succession of Lupine latifolius Following the May 18, 1980, Eruption of Mt. St. Helens Research Question: Does competition for resources affect the rate of the spread of Broadleaf Lupine ( Lupinus latifolius ) during ecological succession? To answer this question, an observational study was conducted on Lupine patches to determine how time affects the rate of spread of Lupine. A set of 20 patches was monitored for two periods of five years each: 1981-1985 and 1991-1995. 1. At the top of a piece of graph paper, write the entire research hypothesis the ecologists may have used to guide them through this investigation. ( If hypothesis, and method, then prediction ) 2. Calculate the mean (to one decimal point) for each set of years. 3. Next, just under the hypothesis, produce a graph by using the data in the table to the right. Make sure your graph is the right kind of graph for these data. 4.
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Unformatted text preview: Calculate the 95% Confidence Interval (CI) for each set of data using the formula below and enter each value in the table. Include these as error bars on your graph. 95% CI = (2)( σ ) √ n (σ = standard deviation; n = number of patches) 5. Label your graph axes correctly and write a figure caption along the bottom of the graph. 6. Do a t-Test on the two sets of data. 7. Write a concluding statement that assesses the results in light of the original hypothesis which is supported by the results of the t-Test and the 95% confidence intervals. Patch # Growth Rate (m/yr ± 0.05) 81-85 Growth Rate (m/yr ± 0.05) 91-95 P1 3.8 1.5 P2 3.9 1.8 P3 3.7 2.0 P4 3.2 0.6 P5 2.2 1.1 P6 1.9 1.5 P7 3.6 0.4 P8 3.3 0.4 P9 3.4 0.7 P10 3.4 0.4 P11 3.1 0.6 P12 2.9 0.2 P13 2.5 0.1 P14 2.4 0.9 P15 1.9 0.8 P16 1.8 0.6 P17 1.0 0.1 P18 0.6 0.3 P19 0.7 0.3 P20 1.1 0.2 Mean Stan. Dev. (σ ) 1.1 0.6 95% CI...
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