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Photosynthesis Computer Simulation The Light Dependent Reactions This activity is loaded on the Science Computer Lab computers. It is also available at Getting Started— Open the Cell Biology and Genetics icon. Wait for the program to load. Click on Menu . Click on Photosynthesis . The Model —You will see a diagram of a thylakoid within a chloroplast . Embedded in the membrane of the thylakoid are five integral proteins and sitting along the inner and outer edges of the thylakoid membrane are six peripheral proteins . These proteins perform several functions to drive the light dependent reactions of photosynthesis. The Controls —To the left of the thylakoid model is a group of two controls (light intensity and wavelength) and three gauges (time, # of ATP, and % maximal ATP). The light intensity scale is in lux (10 2 ). Lux stands for lumens/m 2 . It is one of a few units used to measure light intensity. To save space, 40 lux on the simulation scale is actually 4,000 lux and 200 lux is
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