PIB Policies and Procedures 2010-11

PIB Policies and Procedures 2010-11 - P1IB Biology Policies...

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P 1 IB Biology Policies and Procedures 2010-11 Dr. Strode Welcome to Pre-IB Biology! This handout will familiarize you with my expectations for this class. I will be happy to answer any questions about these policies and procedures so that we can get the year off to a great start. Classroom: 414 Office: 429 (in the science computer lab) Off Periods: Period 1, 4, 6 E-mail: paul.strode@bvsd.org Website: http://bvsd.org/schools/FairviewHS/fhsstaff/faculty/strode/default.aspx Curriculum: Semester 1 Unit 1: Characteristics of Life, Scientific Process Unit 2: Principles of Ecology Unit 4: Human Nutrition and Life’s Molecules Unit 5: Cell Structure and Function Semester 2 Unit 6: Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration Unit 7: Mitosis, DNA Replication, and Cancer Unit 8: The Evolution of Sex, Meiosis, and Animal Development Unit 9: Mendelian Genetics and Human Inheritance Unit 10: Microevolution (DNA-RNA-Protein-Trait) Unit 11: Macroevolution I have three overall expectations. 1. You will contribute to class daily and in a positive way. 2. You will seek excellence through hard work. 3. You will maintain the highest level of academic integrity. If it feels wrong, it is, so don’t do it. You can expect me to be excited about Biology and your learning and to treat each of you with respect.
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PIB Policies and Procedures 2010-11 - P1IB Biology Policies...

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