Scientific Article Analysis

Scientific Article Analysis - background upon which the...

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Scientific Article Analysis For the scientific article you are analyzing, write a brief (1-3 sentence) response to each of the questions below. 1. What is the citation for the article? Use the following format: Doe, J. D., et al. 2010. The effect of deer ( Odocoilius verginianus ) on forest understory composistion. Journal of Wildlife Management 5 : 23-31. 2. In your own words, briefly describe the problem that the researcher(s) addressed and the purpose of the study. 3. Identify the research question(s) that guided the study. 4. State the leading hypothesis that is being tested by the study, and state the specific prediction of the study. The actual hypothesis and prediction may be difficult to find if they are not stated directly by the authors. 5. What is the theoretical/historical
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Unformatted text preview: background upon which the study was based? 6. If it was a quantitative study, what instruments or measurement devices were used? If it was a qualitative study, how were the data collected? 7. How was the study conducted (i.e. what were the general procedures )? 8. What statistical test(s) did the researchers use to analyze the data? 9. After analysis of the collected data, what did the researchers find? Were any of the findings statistically significant ? How do you know? 10. In what way(s) did the researchers findings support their findings by using previous studies? 11. What were the limitations to the study? 12. In what direction could this problem be explored further ?...
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Scientific Article Analysis - background upon which the...

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