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Unit 3A Reading Quizzes

Unit 3A Reading Quizzes - CH 41.1-41.7 Reading Quiz 1 What...

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CH 2.5-2.6 Reading Quiz 1. Evapotranspiration allows water to travel against gravity from the soil, to a plant’s roots, to its leaves, and then to the atmosphere. Which two emergent properties of water maintain this process? 2. Draw a water molecule. Illustrate with symbols that water molecules are polar. 3. What acid is formed in the blood when carbon dioxide combines with the water component of blood? 4. In pure, liquid water, other than water molecules, what two ions can be found? 5. What emergent property of water have some mammals evolved to employ to maintain body temperature homeostasis?
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Unformatted text preview: CH 41.1-41.7 Reading Quiz 1. What adaptive advantage is gained by insects, reptiles, and birds that can convert ammonia to uric acid? 2. What vertebrate organ removes most of the excess solutes and water from the blood? 3. What vertebrate organ provides the pressure that drives glomerular filtration in the kidneys? 4. What pair of tubes channels urine from the kidneys to the urinary bladder? 5. What is the functional unit of a vertebrate kidney that interacts with neighboring blood vessels to form urine?...
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