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Unformatted text preview: Digital Art & Design 2 Course Description & Syllabus Course #: A111 Designated Grade Level: 9-12 Prerequisites: Digital Art & Design 1 Mrs. Feeney [email protected] Course Name: Digital Art & Design 2 Number of Credits: 5 720.561.3100 x3376 Teacher Website: Course Description: This course will be the natural progression of Digital Art and Design 1 as it continues the fundamental idea of using computer technology to produce an artistic image. Students will further advance their computer illustration techniques, image manipulation, digital camera use, graphic design knowledge, art history concepts, visual literacy and the principles and elements of art in composition. Essential Learning Results: Students will continue to use Adobe Photoshop focusing on more advanced image editing skills. Students will use Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign to complement their Photoshop skill set. Students will further explore advanced digital camera techniques to continue to create and manipulate images in a variety of ways. This class will discuss and be exposed to digital art and design career paths. Students will continue to explore prevalent digital art issues. Students will work towards creating a portfolio of their original artwork. Students will move away from using the mouse as a primary input device, and use drawing tablets more regularly. Students will expand upon their knowledge of scanners as both an input device and primary tool for creating art. Students will use advanced presentation and mounting techniques. Students will learn more advanced layout and design techniques. Students will continue the process of critiquing and interpreting computer art. Students will have multiple opportunities to create art around the recurring themes of fine art, graphic design and commercial advertising. Students will be presented with information and have classroom discussions on the history of art. BVSD Content Standards Standard 1 Observe and Learn to Comprehend: The student uses the visual arts to express, communicate, and make meaning. The artwork and design have purpose and function. Standard 2 Envision and Critique to Reflect: The student articulates and implements critical thinking in the visual arts by synthesizing, evaluating, and analyzing visual information. Reflective strategies are used to understand the creative process. Standard 3 Invent and Discover to Create: Student is able to generate a work of art that employs unique ideas, feelings, and values using different media, technologies, styles, and forms of expression. Standard 4 Relate and Connect to Transfer: Student is able to recognize, articulate, and validate the value of the visual arts to lifelong learning and the human experience. Student demonstrates competency in traditional and new art media, and applies appropriate and available technology for the expression of ideas. Student can assess and produce art with various materials and methods. Student Supplies: Students are responsible for purchasing a 2 GB (minimum) flash drive Students are responsible for purchasing a 1in 3 ring binder Students are responsible for purchasing a double-sided tape dispenser for mounting projects and for constructing packages. Suggested brand: Office Depot Brand Adhesive Roller, 1/3" x 472" (Item # 273397) Please bring one of the following as a donation to the lab: clorox wipes pump hand sanitizer kleenex Digital Art & Design 2 Curriculum Map: Week One: Intro to policies, class contract. Tour classroom & equipment. / Course overview presentation Students access each program on the computer (make sure everything is working) Review saving files & proper file storage accessing private folders on the Fairview network. Week Two: Project 1: Intro to Font Design & Typography using Adobe Illustrator Week Three: Studio Time: Typography Due at end of the week Week Four: Project 2: Intro to T-Shirt Design Week Five: Studio work time on T-Shirt Design Week Six: Studio time: Ironing T-Shirts & Setting up display case T-Shirts Due Project 3: Intro to Still Life Painting Week Seven: Studio work time: Still Life Painting Week Eight: Studio time: Still Life Painting Due end of week Week Nine: Project 4: Intro to Package Design Sports Drink Bottle Week Ten: Studio Time on package design Finish assembling bottles Week Eleven: Package Design due Week Twelve: Project 5: Intro to Adobe InDesign Book & DVD Cover Design Working on InDesign tutorials Choosing topic Week Thirteen: Working on Book / DVD Cover Design Week Fourteen: Book/Magazine Cover Design Due Project 6: Intro to Character Design project Week Fifteen: Working on Character Design project Week Sixteen: Character Design Due Project 7: Intro to Final Project: Online Portfolio Filtering your best pieces & adding to Website. How to write an Artist's Biography Week Seventeen: Working on arranging files on Website and Typing Artist's Biography Week Eighteen: Present Website to the class Week Ninteen: FINALS Finish presentations. ...
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