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Unformatted text preview: Photo 2 Course Description & Syllabus Course #: A72 Course Length: one semester Prerequisites: Photography 1 Course Description: Mrs. Feeney [email protected] Course Name: Photography 2 Designated Grade Level: 9-12 Number of Credits: 5 720.561.3100 x3376 Teacher Website: This course deals with improving the students' ability to see, take and create a photographic image. Students may experiment with creative darkroom techniques such as solarization, sepia toning, hand coloring and multiple images. Essential Learning Results: Students will demonstrate increased knowledge on how to accurately use a 35-mm camera. Students will be able to manipulate an exposure to further control the artistic image. Students will demonstrate increasing knowledge on printing black and white photographs Students will use various mounting and presentation techniques for their photographs. Students will further their understanding of photographic composition. Students will understand the process of critiquing art and interpreting photographs. Students will show increased skills in ways to "control" their photographic image. Students will broaden their understanding of the historical and cultural significance of photography. Students will communicate expression of art through verbal, written and visual means. BVSD Content Standards Standard 1 Observe and Learn to Comprehend: The student uses the visual arts to express, communicate, and make meaning. The artwork and design have purpose and function. Standard 2 Envision and Critique to Reflect: The student articulates and implements critical thinking in the visual arts by synthesizing, evaluating, and analyzing visual information. Reflective strategies are used to understand the creative process. Standard 3 Invent and Discover to Create: Student is able to generate a work of art that employs unique ideas, feelings, and values using different media, technologies, styles, and forms of expression. Standard 4 Relate and Connect to Transfer: Student is able to recognize, articulate, and validate the value of the visual arts to lifelong learning and the human experience. Student demonstrates competency in traditional and new art media, and applies appropriate and available technology for the expression of ideas. Student can assess and produce art with various materials and methods. Student Supply List Photography fees cover supply of light sensitive paper, chemicals for developing paper, printer paper, printer ink, photo plastic sleeves, and mounting boards. Additionally students will need the following. Digital Camera any digital camera is fine, a digital SLR camera is best Hardcover Book to Destroy 2 GB USB DRIVE (flash drive, jump drive) Students are responsible for purchasing a double-sided tape dispenser for mounting projects and for constructing altered books. Suggested brand: Office Depot Brand Adhesive Roller, 1/3" x 472" (Item # 273397) Please bring one of the following as a donation to the lab: paper towels clorox wipes xacto knife pump hand soap pump hand sanitizer Kleenex Photography 2 Curriculum Map: Week 1: Week 2: Week 3: Week 4: Week 5: Week 6: Week 7: Week 8: Week 9: Week 10: Week 11: Week 12: Week 13: Week 14: Week 15: Week 16: Week 17: Week 18: Week 19: Introduction to Altered "Crazy" Book Assignment Introduction to Mini Me / Begin shooting in studio / Intro to studio lighting Working on crazy book & Mini Me in class / Intro to high contrast black and white assignment Mini Me Due / Intro to solarization / High Contrast shoot due Working on solarization / Working on Crazy book in class Solarization due / class critique / Introduction to Pop Art Portraits Shooting & Editing Pop Art Portraits / Intro to linoleum block printing Intro to Product Photography & Light Cube / Intro to Studio Advertising project / Pop Art Portraits Due Written Critique #1 / Working on shooting & editing Studio Advertisement Studio Advertising Due / Class Critique / Intro to Cubism Shooting & Arranging Cubism / Cubism Due Crazy Book Mid-Semester Review share with class Written Critique # 2 / Intro do DaDa Working on DaDa / Intro to Final Project DaDa due / Class critique Written Critique #3 / Sign up for a day to present final crazy book and final project Final District Assessment / Begin crazy book and final presentations Finish Final presentations Clean up. ...
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