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Product Photography Studio Lighting Techniques: *Keeping a photo diary of successful set-ups and settings will save you time in the long run. 1. Adding sparkle to faceted gems: A light tent provides nice soft lighting for jewelry and makes for a pleasing image. However, the light tent may not provide the direct lighting necessary to "light up" faceted gemstones. Faceted gemstones like diamonds need to be illuminated by a light source that is positioned at nearly the same place as the camera. The "sparkler" light is the third light, and the key to having properly lit faceted gemstone jewelry. This light must be positioned so that you see the stones sparkle. Two lights are normally positioned to sides of the tent, which diffuses the light and eliminates glare. These lights provide the main lights for the piece of jewelry. The third light, "the sparkler" light is positioned to shine directly into the gemstone to illuminate the stone. Because this light is not diffused by the light tent, it needs to be a weaker light than the side lights.
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