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Product Photography – Photo Taking Tips Avoiding dark images when shooting against light backgrounds Cameras tend to underexpose images when capturing subjects with white or very light backgrounds. The easiest way to prevent dark, underexposed images is to use exposure compensation. Most digital cameras have fairly easy-to-access exposure compensation controls (labeled as "EV" for E xposure V alue). If your images are too dark, try adjusting the exposure compensation. A setting of +1 is a good place to start. If you end up setting the EV too high, the image will appear "washed out" . Simply go back step or two until the exposure looks right . Clicking on the different EV settings below demonstrates how changing a camera's exposure compensation setting can avoid exposure problems. In this example shot against a white background, the standard setting of 0 is too dark . Five Simple Steps to Better Product Photography 1) In order to ensure your images are sharp make sure you know how to focus your camera. Digital
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