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Trans and Indi

Trans and Indi - Transcendentalism – my drawing of this...

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Unformatted text preview: Transcendentalism – my drawing of this term Individualism: What does individualism mean in today’s society? Do we focus on ourselves and our instincts or society’s rules? Support and explain your answer. Individualism in today’s society means that an individual is able to express his or her thoughts freely without any pressures. This view does not deny that societies exist or that people benefit from living in them, but it sees society as a collection of individuals, not something over and above them. However, in today’s society, individualism exists but is rather limited to the rules of society. Early on, teachers enforce children to show their individualism when writing creative pieces. However, one should notice that even those who write these certain “individualistic” pieces, none of them exceed the limits that society sets. An example includes the works f Frida Khalo. She gave other painters permission to be personal and t e autobiographical and to deal with the body in a very open way and to use fantasy in a way that sort of digs into the self. This type of philosophy that Frida Khalo depicted and employed in her works, were unusual to the society at the time. This is why at first her works were not accepted by society. ...
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