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Paragraph 1 - Paragraph 1 The United States is fully...

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Paragraph 1: The United States is fully justified in declaring war on Germany. It is very true that the United States began its slogan as “neutrality forever”. However, as time came around, many factors sparked and caused the president to, after no choice being left, seek the congress for a declaration of war on Germany, making its slogan “Made in Germany”. United States has every right to declare war on Germany for Germany sank a luxury liner killing way too many Americans in 1915. As an American, it is our duty to help ensure that democracy is still safe for the world and that is why getting involved in the battle was essential so that America can help shape a treaty for peace. Also the attacks by German submarines, sinking of the Lusitania, and loans to so many country that might not even pay us back, cause our wonderful president Wilson to forcefully get involved in the war. However, all these reasons are pure and thus justify American declaration on Germany.
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