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Writing prompt (#95 on pg. 320): Consider an angle in standard position  with r = 12 centimeters. Write a short paragraph describing the changes in  the values of x, y, sin  , cos  , and tan   as increases continuously from θ θ θ   0 to 90 degrees. Changes in x and y occur numerically because as theta increase from 0 degrees  to 90 degrees, the x values decrease from 12 cm (radius) to 0 cm. The same  effect occurs with the y values, except those increase, rather than decrease like  in the case of x values, from 0 cm to 12 cm. Since cosine of theta is equal to the  x value in the ordered pair and sine of theta is equal to the y value in the ordered 
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Unformatted text preview: pair, a similar effect occurs when theta increases from 0 degrees to 90 degrees. Cosine’s function is x/radius, making cosine of this problem x/12. Therefore, cosine of theta decreases from 1 to 0. Sine’s function is y/radius, making sine of this problem y/12. Therefore, sine of theta increases from 0 to 1. Tangent’s function is y/x, making tangent of this problem y/x. therefore, tangent of theta increases without bound. An interesting detail to consider is that when theta is 90 degrees, tangent is undefined because x = 0 at 90 degrees....
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