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Writing Assignment – The Are of a Triangle a.) Since this triangle is an ASA, one can follow the rules of law of cosines. First, I would try to solve for the missing side. By using the equation c 2 = a 2 + b 2 – 2ab cos C, I can figure out the missing side. In this particular situation c = 9.715. Now that we know all sides, this problem can now be solved for the remaining angles by using Laws of Sines. By creating the following equation, one can figure out the angle of B. ((sine of 50) (4)) = ((Sine of B) (9.715)) 1.53208/9.715 = Sine B Thus, angle B equals 9.074 degrees 180 – (50 + 9.074) = 120.926 Now you have all the necessary information required to find the area. One can do this by heron’s formula which is a = square root of (7.858(7.858 – 2) (7.858 – 4) (7.858 – 9.715)) b.) Since the triangle is SSS, figure out the largest angle which is the one whose side is 4. Sine A = (b 2 + c 2 - a 2 )/2bc where angle A comes to be either acute or obtuse. Once this is figured out, only angles B and C remain to be figured out. To figure
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