ICU - ICU 1 Mechanical ventilation is the use of a...

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ICU 1) Mechanical ventilation is the use of a mechanical device (machine) to inflate and deflate the lungs. Mechanical ventilation provides the force needed to deliver air to the lungs in a patient whose own ventilatory abilities are diminished or lost. 2) The components of the respiratory system is as labeled below: 3) The endotracheal tube serves as an open passage through the upper airway. The purpose of endotracheal intubation is to permit air to pass freely to and from the lungs in order to ventilate the lungs. Endotracheal tubes can be connected to ventilator machines to provide artificial respiration. This can help when a patient is unconscious and by maintaining a patent airway, especially during surgery. It is often used when patients are critically ill and cannot maintain adequate respiratory function to meet their needs. The endotracheal tube facilitates the use of a mechanical ventilator in these critical situations. A tracheostomy tube is a small tube designed to be directly placed into a patient's windpipe through the neck. The surgical procedure of inserting a tracheostomy tube into a patient's windpipe is called a tracheotomy. 4) Repositioning is needed to avoid sheering and friction. Maintenance of Mucous Membrane Integrity (Hygiene Needs) is the reason why every two hours, unless contraindicated, ICU repositions a patient. Maintaining correct body alignment at all times, unless the patient conscious and co-operative is not there, is required. Each shift all pressure-prone areas are to be inspected and sufficient action taken to prevent further deterioration in skin integrity. 5)
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ICU - ICU 1 Mechanical ventilation is the use of a...

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