1984 reading inventory

1984 reading inventory - 1984 Personal Reading Inventory...

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1984 Personal Reading Inventory Author: George Orwell Genre: Novel Type of Plot: utopian/dystopia Setting: London, England in Oceania in the year 1984. Characters: Winston Smith (protagonist), Julia, O’Brien, Big Brother, Mr. Charrington, Syme, Parsons, Emanuel Goldstein. Summary: Winston Smith was a low ranking party member in London, Oceania, who opposed the Party's rules. The Party had been watching him for seven years through a telescreen. Its leader, big brother, the Party controlled the history and language of Oceania by rewriting the content of newspapers, histories, and Introducing a new language, Newspeak. This prevented political rebellion by eliminating rebellious words. A Party member, Syme, had been working on a new edition of the Newspeak dictionary. Winston bought a diary in which he wrote his criminal thoughts and opposition to the party. He felt intimacy towards the Party member, O’Brien, whom he felt was a secret member of the Brotherhood, which was a group he worked to overthrow the Party. On the other hand he notices a beautiful, dark haired coworker staring at him, whom he believes was a Thought Police. Everyday there was a Two Minutes Hate Period during which the individuals expressed their anger towards Emanuel Goldstein, the alleged leader of the Brotherhood. One day Winston received a note from the dark-haired girl, Julia, reading "I
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1984 reading inventory - 1984 Personal Reading Inventory...

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