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1984 response dialogue 1

1984 response dialogue 1 - children in trouble Living in...

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1984 Response Dialogue chap. 1-5 1. In the book 1984 , I was shocked by reading about the government’s filthy actions of maintaining power through physical and psychological control. The people of Oceania seemed to have lost their individuality due to their lack of freedom, as they lived in the oppressive world. As I read, I felt angered by the government’s actions that did not allow the people to take their own decisions and have control over their lives. Also, I was terrified that the citizens did not have their right of self- expression. A feeling of pity occurred in me as I read about the life under a totalitarian regime. 2. The government’s power over the people related to my parents stories from the old times. The Physical Jerks reminded me of the story my parents told me of how if they made a mistake, they were spanked in school or they were sent outside, no matter how bad the conditions were outside. In the villages of India, they could not argue in schools because teachers pretty much looked for opportunities to get
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Unformatted text preview: children in trouble. Living in this society, I would be mad if I had to live under the control of others, whether the government or any other authority. 3. In 1984, irony is used in the slogan, “War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength” (6). This forceful slogan of the Party seems to weaken and destroy dreams of the people. They cannot expect a better live to live on their own, while they are controlled by the government. Also, when the prisoners are hung, a tone of savagery is revealed. He likes to “see them kicking… the tongue sticking right out…” (55) shows imagery of how the horrifying government oppressed the people of that time. 4. While I read the first part of the chapters, as I got upset with the government’s actions, I couldn’t understand why countries with freedom did not end the cruel government from harshly controlling Oceania’s people?...
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1984 response dialogue 1 - children in trouble Living in...

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