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1984 Response Dialogue #3 3). There was a sudden shift in the book when Winston realized that “the girl slipped something into his hand” (116). His view about Julia all along had been proved wrong when he read the words on the scrap of paper which said, “I love you” (118). Eager to meet Julia, “all the possible ways of communicating with her had occurred to him within five minutes of reading the note” (120) and a sense of desperation could be felt in his tone. Years of deprivation of sexual pleasure was revealed from the fact that while making love with Julia, Winston “had no physical
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Unformatted text preview: sensation except that of mere contact” (131). Throughout their love, Winston said his sexual intercourse with Julia was no more than “a political act” (138). Their meetings have a sense of caution and would only meet “if she [Julia] judged that the coast was clear” (139). 4). In these chapters I wondered if the Part spied all the time, How did Julia not get caught despite sleeping with so many men? Also if she had slept with so many men, how did Winston trust her that she wasn’t trying to get him into trouble?...
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