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1. Alexis De Tocqueville was a French aristocrat that came to the U.S. to study the scientific facts of American Democracy. 2. In order to understand a nation, it is important to study from its origin because the nation’s birth helps explain the whole term of their being. The nation’s birth shows the reality of the nations rise socially and politically. 3. U.S. is unique from start because all Americans are given equal rights and opportunities regarding the circumstances of living standards. Whether one is poor or rich everyone was treated with the same respect and rights. 4. The emigrants that arrived in the U.S. differed because they all did not come for the same reasons or goals. They all had different rules and principles to be governed. 5. The emigrants that arrived in the U.S. were somewhat common because they all spoke the same language and all came from a place with difficulties, such as law protection, schools, and etc. 6. An important English Doctrine the emigrants had in common was the doctrine of
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Unformatted text preview: the sovereignty of the people. 7. The two important factors that led to America’s democracy were the political and religious arguments. The emigrants did not have superiority amongst each other and there were no equal rights. 8. The result of allowing children to inherit equally was not a good influence because the mind’s of heirs became corrupted over passion and power. Due to their corruption, there was great loss in fortunes. 9. The wealth in America was obviously loved but there was no way in order to control it. Whereas in Britain, they were more civilized and knew how to deal with money. 10. According to the author, if wealth was distributed equally, it would be impossible because according to ethics, not everyone would have a benefitting effect. Everything would come to an end through the destruction before wealth would be acquired equally....
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