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health research paper

health research paper - Health Care in America Various...

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Health Care in America Various illnesses and health problems have drastically increased because many people are not aware of what is healthy for them. A lot more people are concerned about the cost for getting health care and do not think about consequences without an insurance. At birth and the ending years of people's lives, the most special care is needed rather than during the teenage and middle life years. It is most essential to take a step to toward improving health care and leading a better life. There are different ways to deal with health at all ages whether one is at their life’s beginning stage or towards life's end. It is important to care for the well being of humans who can live longer by being internally strong. Health in America is an issue because people are ignorant about maintaining and improving their health care by not taking wise decisions for themselves. There are many ways to take decisions for the benefit of one’s health. Many programs are provided to help keep regular checkups in order to prevent illnesses. Their plans have rules which must be followed and have requirements to be completed before you can use the plan (St. Martin’s Press 18). For example, Medicare is a plan for the elderly funded by the federal government and Medicaid is for people with low income and little savings with no regard to age. These plans make sure people have all the care necessary to live a healthy life. With health insurance it is mandatory to have checkups regularly, whether monthly or yearly, but a fixed time period. It is important for “your primary care physician to be familiar with all aspects of your family’s health history” (St. Martin's Press 18). The more your doctor knows about you, the better treatment can be provided. There is also the “Fee for Service Plan allows you to take greater control of your health care… the ability to use your present doctor or any doctor you wish, access a wide range of specialist whenever you want” (St. Martin's Press 6).The three
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groups of medical treatments are the primary that deals with routine checkups, secondary with surgery care, and tertiary with cancer or major care. All of these cares are in insurance plans that can be fully covered while some may not. Depending on the plan, there is an amount of deductible that is to be paid before a care. Although in the western world, people are concerned
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health research paper - Health Care in America Various...

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