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Reflection of “Life of Pi” The novel “Life of Pi” started me off in confusion with the stories of Pi’s past, but later I caught on. My favorite part was the main plot on the Pacific Ocean when the ship sinks and Pi goes through many troubles and fears for survival amongst the zoo animals. The novel is suspenseful when you want to know what will happen to the characters on the sea, which kept me hanging on to the book. I was surprised knowing Pi practiced Islam, Christianity, and Hinduism, while some people now days find is difficult to follow one religion. It was interesting to learn that Pi was impacted someway in life with every relation he had with the characters in the book. I enjoyed reading the animal version of the
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Unformatted text preview: story, as it came to me more realistic than the human version. Also the human version was harder for me to visualize. I agree to Pis perception of a human changing in any way depending on his/ her conditions or situations. The 227 day trial Pi endured on a lifeboat with zoo animals and how human and animals have control over one anothers territory teaches not only a lesson to readers, but also reveals the nature of humans overtime. I would recommend reading this book for all high- school children. Readers may learn a lesson whether about animals or humans that they can apply in life. Overall, I enjoyed reading this story because it was a fiction full of adventure....
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