LOTF art connection essay

LOTF art connection essay - Reality of Men with No Rules...

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Unformatted text preview: Reality of Men with No Rules The novel Lord of the Flies is based on English boys on an island that become uncivilized through a course of time. The novel’s theme of no social order has great emphasis on the behavior of the boys relating to the painting Bathers . At the beginning of the novel, the boys were innocent just as the boys from the painting. Unfortunately, the boys are not controlled and have the freedom to do what they want. Over time they become careless and foolish because they do not follow the rules or values taught by their elders nor do they make an effort to work together in order to be rescued from the island. This relates to the boys from the painting that are lying and standing around instead of working. Both from the novel and painting, the boys are immature and do not work. In addition, the setting from the painting has large, bright tall trees which dominate most of the picture. This resembles to the jungle from the novel in which the boys “set the whole island on fire” (Golding 45). This irresponsibility took place because the boys didn’t “put first island on fire” (Golding 45)....
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LOTF art connection essay - Reality of Men with No Rules...

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