LOTF thematic art questions

LOTF thematic art questions - Bazille, Frdric. Bathers...

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Bazille, Frédéric. Bathers (Summer Scene). 1869. Fogg Art Museum, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA. Web. 1 September 2009. “Meetings. Don’t we love meetings? Every day. Twice a day… When the meeting was over they’d work for five minutes, then wander off or go hunting” (Golding chapter 3 page 51). 1. The theme of the novel is the need for social order. “Without maintained social order one cannot remain civilized or gain success.” In the novel, Ralph is upset when nobody cares “to help with the shelters” (Golding 51) because all the boys are messing around and breaking the rules
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instead of working. Ralph, the group’s chief leader, tries to keep strict rules and regulation but the boys do not bother to care about helping him. They do not realize that working together will lead them to success. Similarly, in the Bazille’s painting, boys in the forest are swimming and playing. They do not seem to be working to achieve anything just as the boys with Ralph are being immature and not supporting Ralph with the building of hut shelters. 2. The conch shell is a symbol in the novel that is repeatedly used by the leader’s to call the boys
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LOTF thematic art questions - Bazille, Frdric. Bathers...

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