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Visual art assign english

Visual art assign english - brought… hippo-meat which...

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Cannibals in the Heart of Darkness In the novella, Heart of Darkness , brutality is expressed through the cannibals. They are natives treated as slaves and are forced to work. “Every rib, the joints of their limbs were like knots in a rope… connected together with a chain” (Conrad 33). They are on aboard to work for the Company and obey all its orders. The theme of evilness and imperialism is revealed by the racism and treatments the cannibals go through. They are “nothing but black shadows of disease and starvation” (Conrad 35) because they are confused and desperate for food. The Company’s men believe the cruel torture of these cannibals is part of civilization and throughout the novella, they are clearly suppressed and exterminated. As Marlow goes up from the Outer Station through the Congo to the Inner Station, he feels sympathy towards the cannibals, “after all, they
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Unformatted text preview: brought… hippo-meat which went rotten” (Conrad 61). He was grateful for their work and felt bad since they were starving. They were hungry for months and were not aware of the time or about life. They were on aboard forcefully and were famished to where they would eat anything; Marlow was actually surprised they had not eaten him. There purpose is also in the novella to represent the historical evolution of intelligence because the Europeans are well- civilized while the cannibals have no intellect. The novella has a nightmare- like tone because of all these absurdities. The cannibals are tough and have “inborn strength to fight hunger” (Conrad 71) because of their restraint and capacity to suffer. They stand out throughout the novella because of the morality and inhumane torment they endure....
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