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Chapter 10 Corrections 3.) Medieval backwardness in western Europe accounts for Student Answer – “B”: The failure of the medieval West to establish centralized governments Correct Answer – “D”: The anxiety of the West about the more powerful Muslim world. Proof – “Europeans long lived under threat of incursions from the stronger Islamic world.” 5 .) Which of the following statements concerning the intellectual activity of the medieval West prior to the eight century is most accurate? Student Answer – “C”: Feudalism produced centralized monarchies by the eight century Correct Answer – “E”: Although it inhabited the development of strong central states, some kings were able to use the feudalism to build their own power Proof – “Later rulers, notably the Captain Kings of France from the tenth century, used feudalism to evolve from regional lords to rulers controlling a larger territory. In their feudal monarchy, they began bureaucratic administration and specialization of official functions.” 7.) How did the introduction of feudal monarchy into England compare to the political experience of
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