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Chapter 11 Corrections 7.) Which of the following statements concerning Aztec religion is most accurate? Student Answer – “A”: Aztec deities were normally associated only with male forms Correct Answer – “C”: Aztec deities were numerous and had different forms or manifestations somewhat like the avatars of the Hindu deities. Proof – “Moreover, gods might have different forms or manifestations, somewhat like the avatars of the Hindu deities.” 12.) What of the following was NOT a function of the Aztec kinship groups? Student Answer – blank Correct Answer – “B”: assignment of peoples to cult groups 14.) While the position of Aztec women in many ways paralleled that of women in other
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Unformatted text preview: civilizations at a similar stage of development, what was the significant difference between the life of women in Mesoamerica and in the Mediterranean world? Student Answer A: Aztec women were unable to inherit or to pass property on to heirs Correct Answer C: The limited technology of Mesoamerica confined women to many more hours grinding grin for food Proof The technology of the Americas limited social development in a variety of ways. Here we can see a significant difference between the lives of women in Mesoamerica and the Mediterranean world....
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